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TypeTip is an English typing supplementary tool. Its major feature is to check your spelling when you are typing.
TypeTip is not designed to build into other software as a plug-in unit, but embeds itself into the low level of the Operating System, and cooperating with the Operating System directly.
So, theoretically, TypeTip will work with any Windows software installed in your PC, Such as: Notepad, Internet Explorer, Netscape Browser, Outlook, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Word, Excel, etc.
That is, no matter whether you are writing document, E-mail, or chatting online, or typing on web page, BBS, any typing-associated work, you can always use TypeTip to check the spelling of your words!
All are synchronous and automatic! TypeTip won't wait for you to finish a word or a sentence or the whole paragraph, but check the spelling as soon as you type a letter. This will let you know your spelling error immediately!

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